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Posted by  dannielle  Jul 20, 2015
Easy prep, healthy and no messy clean up! Salmon, veggies and herbs all wrapped up in a foil pocket ready to pop in the oven.
Luke Powell ( wants to have a Metabolic Efficiency Test done at FitnessRx in Louisville, KY. What is…
Posted by  blog  Apr 26, 2015
Understanding your Resting Metabolic Rate and the variations in results from testing vs using a formula.
Posted by  dannielle  Feb 21, 2015
The challenge of coming back after an injury doesn't have to be daunting. Look at an injury as an opportunity to come back…
Posted by  blog  Nov 30, 2014
Basically, Metabolic Efficiency is teaching your body to be more efficient at using your innate fat stores rather than relying…
Posted by  dannielle  Nov 22, 2014
Water is essential for our body's proper functioning but it's not the tastiest option. Learn how to stay hydrated with drinks…
Posted by  admin  Nov 2, 2014
What is your body trying to tell you when you crave a certain type of food? Salty, sweet, savory...all send a signal so read…
Posted by  admin  Oct 20, 2014
How important is planning meals in for everyday life, training and weight loss? It can make or break your progress in all areas…
How our bodies store and use glucose and the many ways in which we can choose to fuel our glycogen stores.
Posted by  admin  Oct 2, 2014
A bike fit isn't just for the pros. Let's discuss how it can help you select a bike or make your current bike more comfortable…
Posted by  admin  Oct 2, 2014
An easy way to prepare healthy lunches for yourself and for your family for an entire week.
Posted by  admin  Sep 25, 2014
An easy to assemble, healthy, crock-pot veggie soup that will make weeknight meals a breeze for busy folks and families.
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