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How do hydration needs during training and racing differ from daily hydration?
Posted by  admin  Sep 18, 2014
A wonderful, easy to assemble recipe to make your own healthy granola bars.
Posted by  admin  Sep 11, 2014
A super-easy, healthy version of a Fall favorite!
Posted by  admin  Aug 28, 2014
A healthy version of loaded potato skins.
Posted by  admin  Aug 15, 2014
How to avoid the inevitable bonk or feeling like you can't continue during an exercise session or event.
Posted by  admin  Aug 3, 2014
A look into FitnessRx's tagline "Be Your Best" and why they selected it.
Posted by  admin  Jul 26, 2014
Adding yoga to your fitness regimen teaches you to listen to your body to find the answers and treatments that work best for you…
Posted by  admin  Jul 13, 2014
10 things every member of the fitness world needs to know when going to the gym.
Posted by  admin  Jun 18, 2014
I’m writing this post after one hellish week of training. When I say hellish, I don’t just mean hard, or long, or hot (haha get…
Posted by  admin  May 23, 2014
It's officially spring cleaning season here in Louisville, and that means closets, garages, and backyards all over town are…
Posted by  admin  May 11, 2014
Intro to FitnessRX and what to expect on our blog!
Posted by  dannielle  Feb 9, 2014
For my many years in endurance sports, I have been baffled by all the contrasting info you get from books, magazine articles,…
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